Classic Motorcycle Repair and Restoration Services (Solihull, West midlands).




Classic Motorcycle Repair and Restoration Services.

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MPS has over 25 years of experience of motorcycle repairs and restoration.  Having started in the 1980’s working for a firm producing finished painted parts for pre & post World War II motorcycles for display in the National Motorcycle Museum and going on to rebuild, restore and repair classic motorcycles to a high standard.  MPS specialises in classic British and Japanese motorcycles from the 1960’s through to the 1980’s.


Engine Repairs and Rebuilds.

MPS can repair your British or Japanese Classic motorcycle engine to the highest standards.


Reboring and Polishing Service.

Its not the end of your old engine. All workshop  services available including re-boring, shotblasting and polishing.


Painting and Re-spraying.

Painting and re-spraying undertaken to original specifications

Chroming Service.

Full chroming service available.

Full restoration projects undertaken.

MPS undertakes full restoration projects.

Give your classic motorcycle a new lease of life.

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